Repairing Your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener gets a lot of use throughout its life, and chances are, you will need to repair it at some point. There are many ways for you to fix it yourself, once you have determined that it is not the door itself. We recommend that before you start to work on the opener, you unplug it, and that you always work with the garage door down to prevent accidents.

If it’s the wall switch that’s giving you problems, you can either replace the whole switch or the faulty switch wires. If your problem is the remote, you may just need to change the batteries, or you may need to replace the remote or the receiver. If your safety sensors are the problem, don’t jump to replace them right away; first check to see if they were nudged out of alignment. If the lights don’t work but the bulbs appear fine, you should try replacing the socket. If you hear a grinding noise when attempting to use the opener, you may have to replace the main gear drive. These are only some of the many problems that can happen to your garage door opener. If you can’t figure out the root or if the repair work is beyond your level of technical expertise, we recommend you call in professional assistance. Usually, it’s easier and cheaper for a professional to switch out a few parts than for you to replace the whole opener.