3 Common Garage Door Problems for Homeowners

The convenience of an automatic garage door is hard to beat. However, it is very inconvenient when the door refuses to open or close. How many times have you backed out of your driveway, hit your close button, only to have the lights flash and the door go back up? This is not only frustrating but a possible indication that something is wrong, but before you call a garage door repair man, try checking these things first:

Remote and wall switch:

If your remote switch works but your wall switch does not, this could be the cause of the problem. Replacing the wall switch is an easy and economical fix. There are a variety of switches online or at your local hardware store that shouldn't cost you more than $15.


If the door goes up but won't go down unless you are pressing the wall button, this could be an indication of bad or misaligned sensors. Each sensor has a light on it, and if the light is green, nothing is impairing the sensor line of sight. Many times cobwebs, dirt from the garage floor, leaves, or other debris block the sensor light causing them to fail. This can happen even if moments before it was functioning fine. Clean the sensor eyes with a gentle cleaning solution, and make sure there is no debris blocking the eye. If there is no light at all, you may need to replace your sensors. They are always brand-specific, so make sure you are buying the correct sensors.


If hear annoying squeaks and grinding noises every time you open your garage door, there could be a problem with your rails. Regardless of your type of garage door, the rails need to be lubricated every six months to once a year. There are many special garage door lubricants in the garage door section at your local hardware store, so pick one up and see if it does the trick.